Arizona TBI Laws

Arizona TBI Laws

TBI legislation in the State of Arizona was sponsored by Senator Robin Arredondo and introduced on February 1, 2011 as Senate Bill 1521. The bill was signed into law by the Governor on April 18, 2011. Similar to other traumatic brain injury legislation in the United States Senate Bill 1521 develops concussion and head injury policies for students participating in interscholastic activities.

Arizona TBI LawsThe Arizona TBI law provides direction for the head injury and concussion education of student athletes, parents and coaches. Specifically the risk of continued participation in practice or competition after a student athlete receives a concussion.

The policy requires that the student athlete and the parent or legal guardian of the student sign a concussion information sheet stating that they understand the nature and risk of concussions.

The information sheet must be signed on an annual basis prior to the student athlete’s participation in interscholastic athletic activities.

The policy also requires that a student athlete who is suspected of receiving a concussion be removed from play. If a licensed health care provider determines that the student athlete does not have a concussion, then the student may resume play on the same day.

If, however the student athlete has suffered a concussion, that student will need written clearance to resume play on the following day.

The written clearance for play must be provided by a health care provider that has been specifically trained in the evaluation and management of head injuries and concussions.

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